It is through a classical culture that the trajectory that led me to create my house, after a hypokhâgne, studies in History and Art History will take shape. Then, it is within a tailoring school that he will familiarize himself with the architecture of clothing. He will then spend nearly seven years at L'Éclaireur to familiarize himself with a specialized universe and the search for atypical and emblematic designers while starting his first creations under his name. During a trip to Mexico, he meets artisans working with silver. Decisive turning point because he will turn more and more to the world of jewelry to finally devote himself completely to this passion and stop ready to wear. 

His inspirations come to him from architecture, design, and the arts. This construction work can be found in her collections, which combine a masculine wardrobe with the vision of a modern woman, at ease with an unrestricted femininity, subtle and not devoid of humor.


it's through unconventional path that Franck Passerat will create his own house of fashion. After a prestigious prep, degrees in History and History of Arts, Franck develops a passion for the costume throughout the ages. He decides to enter the oldest Tailor school in France, to learn how to built a garment. Then he spends almost seven years working for L'Eclaireur an iconic concept store in Paris where you can find very exclusive and emblematic designers.


You can observe in his collection the sense of building cut, geometric lines, inspired by architecture, design and arts. Mixing heritage of Men tailoring with the vision of a modern woman, who assumes her feminity without norms, effortless elegance and a sense of humor ..